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What’s the diferente between a camera gimbal and a stabilizer

The terms "camera gimbal" and "stabilizer" are often used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between the two.

A camera gimbal refers to the mechanical system that allows a camera to rotate smoothly in multiple axes. It typically consists of three motorized axes (pitch, roll, and yaw) that stabilize the camera and enable smooth movement. Gimbals are commonly used in photography, videography, and filmmaking to capture stable and fluid shots.

On the other hand, a camera stabilizer is a broader term that encompasses various devices and techniques used to stabilize a camera. It includes not only gimbals but also other tools such as handheld stabilizers, steadicams, shoulder rigs, and more. These stabilizers aim to reduce camera shake and provide stability while shooting, regardless of the specific mechanism used.

So, while a gimbal is a type of camera stabilizer, the term "stabilizer" can refer to a wider range of stabilization tools and techniques.

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