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DJI Ronin-S

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

DJI Ronin-S is an older camera gimbal, but it is one of the most reliable gimbals still on the market today. This gimbal set the stander for a lot of handheld gimbals to become what they are today. It was my firt expirience with a hand held gimbal and the first buttery smooth video editing moments as well. Large but compact when disassemble into its 3 main parts the 3axis motors , battery, and the legs/tripod. this makes it simple and easy to travel with. This is a heavy strong and durable gimbal so be prepare to get stronger sholders and arms after a few long shoots with it. The strong motors are capable of moving a payload of (8lbs/3.6kg) so its useful for any small and medium range dslr camera and small film cameras. The battery is a solid battery un like other gimbals this one you can't take out and swap out new charged batteries once it runs out, unless you buy a second battery you can swap so you only have the one charge for the day. To be frank that is most likely all that is necessary for your days work, since it will run roughly 12 hours in a single charge before needing to recharge it. This is my most use gimbal since I bought it couple years ago and still runs great and the battery has not left me hanging so far. I do have some things I don't like about it. Some of this things i enjoy on newer gimbals better then this OG gimbal. The motors don't lock in position so you need to strep them down with something when your moving around or traveling. Also in order to place this gimbal on its caring case you need to adjust all the motors to fit it in. The you need to re-balance once you un pack it. The caring case is an absolute beuty and durable case one of my faborite thigs about buying this gimbal is the fact that hase its berry own good quality case. having to udjust re-balance every time u use it is preaty anoing dough. Unless you use your own caring case and don't have to worried about the fitting arrangements. its little time consuming to re adjust your motors, and re balance the gimbal once you get practice with it so its still not a big problem i would dwell too much on if looking to buy this particular item. So in my personal experience, opinion Is still a good option to buy its dated and nwer gimbals oferr much more options like locking axis motors when you're not using it, but the quality is still much beter then some newr decked out gimbals with more options.

know if you want to learn more details and spesifics about this particular gimbal you can visit this sites and learn more spesifics obout it or get your own here. !!

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