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FLYCAM Flowline Master

Updated: May 24, 2023

The FLYCAM Flowline Master is one of the most comfortable Camera gimbal support vest, for large camera rig setups. the weight distribution together with the comfterbal padding makes for smoother easier longer periods of operation. The weight distribution on the fly came takes the pressure of your neck, shoulder and arms and it transfers it through out your back. Making longer shoots easier and smother with less pain and more stability at the end of the day. This FLYCAM Flowline Is meant for heavier rig Setups and bigger cameras for smother operations. Staring at a minimum. Weight of (9 lps and max of 27 lps). This camera stabilizer Gives you Hands free operation and, a safe 360 operation Do to its powerful suspension line support. On witch the tension can be adjusted with a turn of a nob on the back. Making the disairlble wight for the operator Easily Obtainable. depending on the size of your rig you might need to push your camera rig forward. It can get alittle uncomturble Heavin youre camera constantly. Right in front. If you’re Face. But like anything ells. It only takes Some time to get use to working In that close proximity to your gear! So if you have a heavy rig and are in need for some weight reduction with out minimising your rig. This is defetnaly the way to go.

to learn more in dept specification and pricing you can go to.

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