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Updated: Jun 25, 2022

This ZIYHUN CRANE 2S is a phenomenal upgrade from the crane 2. The new carbon fiver grip is instantly noticeable, you can fill better grip on your hands, making you more comfortable handling on your shoots with little worries that it will slip of your hands. Not to mention it also reduced the overall weight of the gimble, making longer shoots less exhausting. Like many other 3-Axis Handheld Gimbals of this similar size and capacity. This gimbal is not light weight, coming in over ( 3kgs - 8lbs. ) roughly not to mention the extra weight of your camera set up, witch the CRANE 2S payload capacity is (4.5kgs - 10lbs) so any reduction of the actual gimbal weight is a big bonus in my personal experience. CRANE 2S handle is great, but it’s also a fat grip so filmmakers with smaller hands will have a harder time griping this gimbal for longer periods of time. So I would recommend also getting a side dual grip, to alleviate this problem and less fatigue.

The CRANE 2S is outfitted with 3 removable 18650 Li-ion batteries, with an estimated run time of 12H. this means that if your shoot goes for longer then 12H or you forget to recharge your batteries, your gimbal will not be out of commission as long as you have a spare set of 3 18650 witch are easily available and pretty inexpensive.

A big complain on the CRANE 2 was the position off the back motor obstructing the screen on the cameras. This gimble has the same position blocking the screen with the back motor. but they provided multiple mounting points for a separate screen, and other accessories. My personal solution though is to lower the back motor by removing the extension on the back motor leg that comes install on the CRANE 2S, witch is one of the best redesigns for this gimbal. Speaking of motors this new motors are lager smother and stronger then ever so the cameras and lenses configurations are much more divers. This new motors take this gimble from the hobby film makers with small DSLR and mirrorless cameras users, to more professional bigger heavier set ups like EOS 1DX Mark II, Nikon D850, BMPCC 6K, Panasonic S1H, and some small cinematic cameras.

Balancing and keeping gimbals; stabilizers stable is always a pain, especially when your moving from Stabilizer to tri pods monopods and using different lenses or zoom lenses. The CRANE 2S has 3x manual lock system, that makes stabilizing much easier and you can manually lock this motors for transport or faster storage. And the strength and algorithm for this new motors allows you use zoom lenses and similar prime lenses without having to re balance the gimbal every time you change your zoom. Making buttery smooth film shots a breeze and hassle free. This gimbal takes the filmmakers time into consideration in there design, software, and hardware. The Manfrotto quick release plate compatible this quick realice plate its amassing when you need to change you camera to different gear fast and easy. it also includes a rail on the side to take videos upright for Instagram, tick tock, similar applications with out having to buy a separate L bracket for your cameras. The LCD is intuitive and works well, specially since its all you need to set up operate your gimbal with out needing the app on youre phone if you don't want to go trough the hustle of doing that. if youre interested in this gimbal theres alot more specs on this camera gimbal you can look at, at this stores were you can buy your self youreself this amasing parner for your video creations.

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